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• Makes Old Drains Look Like New!
• No Need to Remove Strainer Body!
• Corrosion Resistant
• High-Flow Grid Strainer
• Installs in Minutes with Silicone or Pin
  adapter (Need cross bars in drain!).
• Push Pull® grid-strainer or non-grid
• Foot Actuated grid-strainer
• Snap-on Innovator® overflow plate
• Available as bathtub closure only or trim kit
  with one-, two-hole or Innovator® Snap-on   overflow cover with adapter bar

The Quickest way to a
brand-new bathtub drain!

Now you can install a sparkling, shiny new bathtub drain and stopper in minutes for a lot less than the cost to replace the whole drain. There’s no time-consuming prep work. No mess. You don’t even have to remove the old drain.
It’s that Simple!

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Remove the existing stopper, leaving the
old drain in the bathtub (Figure 1).

Apply the supplied silicone adhesive to the flange and press the Universal NuFit® body over the old drain. (Figure 2). Wipe away any excess silicone adhesive with a rag. Allow 3 hours drying time before use.

(Use Steps 3-4 if you purchased the Trim Kit)

Convert existing 1-hole and 2-hole overflow plates to the Innovator® Snap-on Overflow Plate! Remove existing overflow plate. Secure adapter bar with screws and retainer star nut (behind adapter) to overflow elbow (Figure 3).

Snap the Innovator® overflow plate onto the retainer ring, making sure the opening on the overflow plate is facing down towards the tub (Figure 4).

It’s That Simple!
The Universal NuFit® bathtub drain and stopper and the Innovator® overflow plate, with its bright new finish, is now securely in place.

* Finishes also available in Biscuit, Brushed Bronze, Nickel Polished and White.

Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents, as they may discolor or permanently damage the finish of the product.
Cleaning should be done using warm soapy water, applied with a clean soft cloth and dried with a clean soft cloth.

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